Hot & Spicy

Leo's Island BBQ, Peoria, AZ

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All meals are served with 2 scoops of Steamed Rice, Steamed Cabbage and
Macaroni Salad. ($0.50 additional for Brown Rice. Add $1.00 for Egg Fried Rice.)
Island BBQ Chicken Grilled boneless and skinless Chicken marinated in BBQ Sauce. 8.79
Teriyaki Chicken Boneless and skinless Chicken wtih teriyaki sauce. 8.79
Chicken Katsu Crispy breaded Chicken fillets served with special sauce. 8.79
Maui Pineapple Chicken Crispy breaded Chicken in Pineapple sauce. 9.39
Curry BBQ Chicken Chicken, Potatoes, Carrots and Oniions sautéed in mild curry sauce. 9.39
Curry Chicken Katsu Crispy Chicken Katsu served with sauce. 9.39
Combo & Mixes
Chicken & Rib Combo BBQ Chicken & Chicken Katsu & Short Rib 10.49
Chicken & Kalua Pork Combo Chicken & smoked roasted pork 9.69
Chicken & Beef Combo A combination of BBQ Chicken & BBQ Beef 9.79
Chicken Combo BBQ Chicken & Chicken Katsu 9.59
Fried Fish & BBQ Chicken Combo Fried Fish & BBQ Chicken 9.69
Shrimp & BBQ Chicken Combo Crispy Shrimp & BBQ Chicken 9.79
Island BBQ Mix BBQ Chicken & BBQ Beef & Kalbi Short Ribs 10.49
Seafood Mix Crispy Shrimp, Fried Fish & BBQ Chicken 10.49
Grilled Spam Moco Grilled Spam with Gravy & 2 eggs 8.29
White Meat Chicken
Crispy Orange Chicken Crispy breaded white meat Chicken with orange sauce. 9.49
Crispy Lemon Chicken Crispy breaded white meat Chicken with lemon sauce. 9.49
Lemon Pepper Chicken 9.49
Island Curry Chicken Natural chicken breast with potatoes, onions, and carrot in yellow curry. 9.49
Island Fried Fish Fillet Fish Fillet marinated, lightly breaded, then tenderly cooked. 9.29
Crispy Shrimp Crispy breaded Shrimp served with Katsu sauce. 9.59
Garlic Shrimp Cooked with garlic sauce, and then served with homemade gravy. 10.49
Curry Shrimp Cooked with garlic sauce, and then served with homemade gravy. 10.49
Island Grilled Fish 10.49
beef & pork
Kalua Pork with Cabbage Smoked roasted Pork with ti leaf, banana leaf and sea leaf, served with vegetables. 9.29
Hamburger Steak Hamburger patties with homemade gravy. 8.99
Leo’s BBQ Beef Grilled slices of Beeef, marinated in BBQ sauce. 9.69
Island Short Ribs Grilled Short Ribs marinated in BBQ sauce. 11.49
Island Loco MocoHamburger Steak served with Garvey & 2 eggs. 9.59
chili Hot & Spicy